The role of education in today’s society is a very dominant one. The emergence, and eventual prominence, of the digital age goes even further to stress that point. The pace at which we get new innovations and technologies is staggering. This necessitates a standard of living that is promptly adaptable to new developments.

However, in the course of higher institution learning, there exists a few salient truths which are often left unattended. It is this gap that Femi Tiamiyu has filled with his book: 10 Skills Every Undergraduate Must Learn/Master Before Graduation.

In this must-read book, the author highlights those key real-world skills which are priceless in today’s economic landscape. It is only too common for students to restrict themselves only to areas that fall within their discipline. However, we live in an age where titles are dynamic, and skills gotten in school are not always those employed out of school.

Therefore, it is vital for all undergraduates to figure into their plans those necessary adoptable skills which are invaluable in the real world.

From time scheduling to building your marketing skills, Femi Tiamiyu has created a cheat book for undergraduates. This book is a guide through the realities of life after graduation, and what the world might expect of you.

Graduates are left befuddled and clueless that the knowledge gained in school does not always directly apply to life. This book arms you against such an eventuality, putting you in the prime position to succeed. Starting early and learning to serve are just some of the juicy nuggets the author gives us in this delicacy.

The principles showcased in this book apply for everyone, we all have something to learn here. So, grab your copy and get enlightened!

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