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Author’s Profile: Ifesie Ozichukwu (A Star in the Sky)

Ifesie Ozichukwu Ifesie Ozichukwu is a student of English and Literature at the University of Nigeria Nsukka. A native of Nnobi deep in the heart of Anambra state, he is an ardent lover of prose fiction, and the trancelike capabilities of poetry. When he isn’t writing, he can be found contemplating the intricacies of human […]


Author’s Profile: Jimoh Asiat (Grandpa’s Burial)

Jimoh Asiat Ayobami Born and raised in Ibadan, Oyo State, Asiat is a keen advocate of expression, which is well in tune with her abilities. A final year student of English and Literary Studies at the Federal University Oye-Ekiti, Asiat has stayed true to her craft. A lover of the arts, she enjoys reading prose […]


Author’s Profile – Taiwo Ajuwon (Omotara)

Taiwo Ajuwon Tayelolu “Taiwo” daughter of Ajuwon, first of her name, is an author and so much more. She possesses a full spectrum of abilities which she is unafraid to show the world. As a lawyer, she is a fervent advocate for equity and equality. She is also a proud feminist and an ambivert; confident […]


Author’s Profile – Olabiyi Teniola Joy (A Part of Me)

The winner of our 2019 Quarter 4 Short Story Contest is Olabiyi Teniola Joy with her story A Part of Me. Teniola Olabiyi  Tennie Benson, as most people know her, is a disciplinarian, is ambitious and honest to nearly a fault. She is a hard worker and always ready for a challenge. One of her […]


Meet Sandra Adeyeye: Artist, Edutainer, and Eduprenuer

Meet Sandra Adeyeye: Artist, Edutainer, and Eduprenuer Sandra Adeyeye is a theatre and media practitioner with a heart set on bringing joy into the world through art and entertainment. She is a woman undeniably imbued with the passion and soul of an artist, and this passion has driven her through life and spurred her on […]


Meet Ojubanire Olugbenga, author and human resource connoisseur

  Ojubanire Olugbenga is a young, vivacious human capital development enthusiast, looking to make waves both locally and on the international stage. With an extensive and ever-expanding repertoire in the fields of project management and human resource management, in hand with a keen interest into the varying nuances of entrepreneurship and enterprise management skills, it […]


Meet Tolulope Ahmed, academic excellence and financial intelligence coach

Tolulope Ahmed is on a mission to reproduce achievements in others quickly, cheaply and harmoniously. With an MBA and a first class degree in Engineering Physics, this best-selling author and publisher is fast gaining recognition as Nigeria’s leading Academic Intelligence Coach with results to match. Achievements His innovative ideas are evidently displayed in products like the Pivot Educational Games […]


Meet Sinmisola Ogunyinka, award-winning author and publishing maven

Sinmisola Ogunyinka is an embodiment of the vast possibilities that exist with a writer who truly understands the power of words and has determined to wield that power responsibly to glorify God and uplift humanity. With compelling narratives, she captures the realities of the human condition and paints a path from where we are to […]

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