Sinmisola Ogunyinka is an embodiment of the vast possibilities that exist with a writer who truly understands the power of words and has determined to wield that power responsibly to glorify God and uplift humanity. With compelling narratives, she captures the realities of the human condition and paints a path from where we are to where we ought to be.

A wife, mother, movie producer, blogger and talk-show host, Sinmisola is driven by the firm commitment to become an impactful writer, teach and mentor upcoming writers, and reach the unreached through well-written, edifying, and appealing books on current topics and controversies, offering correction in all meekness and fear of God.

Academic Background

Her background as a graduate of Economics from Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria is perhaps partly responsible for the keenness and precision with which she deploys carefully crafted stories as priceless assets that must be channeled to the most productive ends. Although Sinmisola wrote her first full story at the age of ten, she knows that building a successful writing career will require more than raw talent.

Consequently, she has made huge investments in various trainings, conferences and mentoring programs including the Jerry B. Jenkins former Christian Writers’ Guild where she worked with mentors like Larry Weeden, Joy Gage and Diann Mills. She rose to become Craftsman which represented the highest level of expertise in the program.

Professional Achievements

With more than forty published books in her portfolio, Sinmisola has built a rich repertoire of knowledge, skills and experience which she seeks to share with other writers through various platforms including her Pleasant Writers Guild and the Amateur Writers’ Award, a fiction competition for teens and university students who have no prior experience with professional writing. The award has recorded three successful editions since it was launched in 2005. It is designed to be an annual event but for sponsorship challenges.

In addition to being a full-time writer and contributor to several magazines and blogs, Sinmisola also offers a range of professional services including coaching for writers, ghostwriting, editing and blogging while at the same time running a self-publishing company. She juggles all of these with a career in administration and human resource management.

Sinmisola OgunyinkaShe is also a movie producer and has written several movie scripts. One of the high points in her career was writing a script which was produced into a movie, Red Hot, in 2012. The movie went to cinemas and was very successful, winning two awards at Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards (GIAMA), Houston, Texas in 2013, and Lagos International Film Festival. Sinmisola added another feather to her cap when she signed a contract with the Hartline Literary Agency, Pittsburg, Philadelphia.


Her books which are mostly novels and inspirational nonfiction have enjoyed wide acceptance and received global acclaim.

In 2017 she was nominated for the Nigerian Writers Award and emerged Faith-based writer of the year. Anyone who has ever written a book knows how hard it is to get even a few spontaneous reviews but Sinmisola doesn’t just have a few, she has lots of them and they’re strongly positive. Here’s a tiny sample:

Arresting, ingenious, compelling. –Kammonke Abam of Splendour Magazine on Sister Minister

Can’t drop till you finish. -Regina Gbemudu, Lagos, Nigeria on Sister Minister.

Compelling story-telling skills, thought-provoking, entertaining, creative and pastoral.  A writer to watch. Eddie Tah Offre, Calabar, Nigeria on Scent of Water.

Uplifting, refreshingly different. -Sasi Miet Jaja of Eklesia Magazine on 52 Ways to Provoke God.

Pepper was da bomb. I just finished reading it. Couldn’t stop until I was through…Well done… More grease to your elbow. Monica Anyia, an online customer, on Pepper

I read ‘the devil lied’ today and i’m so excited about this new revelation, which i can’t wait to share with my friends at school tomorrow. A teenage fan on The Devil Lied.

Wow! This book kept me awake all night long… Very interesting and incredible story. This is a must read for every person who loves a good story with intricate plot and twists. An Amazon reviewer on The Days after that Night

Good read, reminds of the Pacesetters books I read as a young girl growing up in Nigeria. An Amazon buyer on What’s good for the goose (A True Dream novel):

Nice read… A beautiful and captivating story, thrilling and suspense filled at the same time. An okadabooks buyer on Tisha

I’ve just finished the book and I’m awed at the enormity of your talent as a writer! You are undoubtedly one of the best writers I’ve had the pleasure of reading. This book is a blockbuster like all the rest. I have just told my family now that we are going to buy every book you write. Wow! Well done Babe! Truly a satisfying read. I can’t wait to blog about it next week. Elsie Oghenekaro (Elsiewrites), writer and blogger on Battered (A True Dream novel).

Private Life

Writing, for Sinmisola, is not an end in itself but a vehicle to serve a higher purpose. Beyond the accolades that attend her work, she wants to see lives transformed. She is particularly concerned about children and has started a charity towards eradicating child-hawking on the streets of Nigeria. She is also deeply involved with a charity focused on eradicating the culture of #MoneyWoman #MoneyMarriage which is selling off girl-children into a marriage-slavery, common in Cross River and Benue states of Nigeria.

Sinmisola lives in the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia, USA. She is happily married to Pastor Afolarin Ogúnyinka and they are blessed with four children.

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  1. Your books are inspiration to me. Especially the wisdom series books. And it was through Hermon city church I knew that some part of Cros River State practices money marriage. Thank you for the good work you are doing. God bless. More of Gods grace. More grease to your elbow.

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