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Book of the Month: Joy Iseki’s Live Your Younique Life

In a world that is constantly telling you how to dress, talk, smile, eat, and even identify, Joy Iseki’s Live Your Younique Life is a beacon in the darkness. In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” […]


Book Review: Phoenix; Rising from the Ashes of Defeat

At some point in our lives, we’ve had to battle depression in one way or another. Life, for all its beauty, can also be a quagmire and takes a toll on everyone of us. However, it is not whether or not you are challenged, rather, it is how you rise to it. Phoenix: Rising from […]


Book Review: You and Your Mindset by Edirin Edewor

Life is an eternal quest for success. From the Tower of Babel to modern-day economies, man has always sought to better himself. Like most things, self –improvement is easier said than done. This is where You and Your Mindset comes into play. If experience is the best teacher, then Edirin Edewor is the best choice […]


Book Review: Courtship 101 by Tunde Awoyele

Like rain, tax, or weeds growing up through the pavement cracks, sooner or later it has to come into effect. At some point we all feel a special connection to another person which surpasses the mundane nature of everyday relationships. Human existence is bordered on the bond we form with the world around us. The […]


Author’s Profile – Taiwo Ajuwon (Omotara)

Taiwo Ajuwon Tayelolu “Taiwo” daughter of Ajuwon, first of her name, is an author and so much more. She possesses a full spectrum of abilities which she is unafraid to show the world. As a lawyer, she is a fervent advocate for equity and equality. She is also a proud feminist and an ambivert; confident […]


Author’s Profile – Olabiyi Teniola Joy (A Part of Me)

The winner of our 2019 Quarter 4 Short Story Contest is Olabiyi Teniola Joy with her story A Part of Me. Teniola Olabiyi  Tennie Benson, as most people know her, is a disciplinarian, is ambitious and honest to nearly a fault. She is a hard worker and always ready for a challenge. One of her […]


Talent Management by Kenneth Adeyemi; Book review

Talent Management One major problem which faces any society today is the issue of untapped potential; Talent Management. Nothing is more frustrating than having talents one is unable to harness fully. To freely paraphrase Shakespeare, people suffer not from lack of talent, but from lack of the illness which should attend it. The illness is […]