At some point in our lives, we’ve had to battle depression in one way or another. Life, for all its beauty, can also be a quagmire and takes a toll on everyone of us. However, it is not whether or not you are challenged, rather, it is how you rise to it.

Phoenix: Rising from the Ashes of Defeat by Yvonne Balogun and Abayomi Adewumi

With this book, the authors have been able to plot a path to doing just that: rising from defeat. The story of Anthony, as narrated in the book, challenges pre-conceived notions of success and disappointment.

We’ve all been down in the dumps at some time with what seemed like very little options. We all face challenges and end up having more questions than answers. What do you do in a situation like that? How do you dig yourself out of that predicament? How do you even convince yourself to try?

Phoenix: Rising from the Ashes of Defeat has been able to cover the necessary preparations and applications needed to answer these questions. The authors have pinpointed priceless tips to help you engage a negative outcome in your favor. Your mentality and habits are two key factors they allude to that will help. The book analyzes how you can leverage your thoughts and actions to turn not just your situation, but your life around.

Yvonne Balogun and Abayomi Adewumi have also exploited unconventional approaches to societal beliefs which you can learn from. The average person sees success as a gateway to happiness, and consequently gets trapped in an endless cycle of unfulfilled dreams. This is the reason some of us spend our entire lives been largely unsatisfied. An in-depth knowledge of the principles of persistence and positivity is a key factor in the fight against depression.

The book further uses activities at the end of each chapter to emphasize the importance of pragmatism and integration. It is one thing to know, but something else altogether to do. Phoenix: Rising from the Ashes of Defeat takes the reader on a journey of self-discovery that will change your world-view.

I encourage everyone to read this book and learn from its wealth of information and insights. The power to succeed is in your hands, if only you know how to use it.

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