I believe it was Stephen King who said something about writers holding the power of creating worlds in their hands. The Adventures of Nihu provides quintessential proof of that statement.

Not only has the author managed to tell a story that covers all the facets of human endeavor, he has very much birthed his own world. A world full of wonder, beauty and darkness, all blended together so effortlessly.

The author explores the human situation, exposing the very nature and disposition of man in relation to his predicament. The author explores man’s capacity for greed, love, temerity and cunningness, while taking the reader on a literally multidimensional chase.

It is a story of bravery, a story of friendship and loyalty against staggering odds. The author has put his own spin on the eternal battle between good and evil, using a very lovable protagonist as Nihu is wrongly accused and faces a world of treachery and evil.

It is vital for a story to be able to capture the imagination of the reader, to leave an afterimage in the eyes of the reader after the pages are shut. The Adventures of Nihu does just that!

The reader is held spellbound every step of the way as the story weaves in and out, from tragedy to disaster, and from gory, bloody battle to glorious revelry. The author is not afraid to delve into the darker realms of reality, and of course, make-believe, stretching the boundary between both in a way which can only be described as “sinisterly cunning”.

The reader is immediately absorbed into this epic quest, as the author paints a beautiful landscape of adventure with probably the most eclectic group one could come across. The author has managed to create characters which, even by themselves, tell a story, each one as different and unique from the next as the human DNA. These characters embark on a perilous journey through worlds, while battling the evil forces intent on their destruction, with nothing other than skill and friendship as weapons.

A good read from top to bottom, The Adventures of Nihu is solid proof of the author’s mastery of storytelling. By virtue of this book, it can be said that the author has shown himself as a “creator of worlds”.

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