Little Me BIG THEM is a very intriguing and mind-liberating book for those suffering from the topic of discussion in this book.

In a generation where youths are seen to be wasted and visionless (and to some extent, this is true), Chisom comes in with an exquisite book that seems to tackle one of the major reasons for our dysfunctional youths. Little me Big them deals with the scope of and also answers so many questions about an inferiority complex.

Chisom kicks off the book with a chapter that explains the subject matter. Before I read the book, I never had a complete definition of what an “Inferiority Complex’ means; to me, it has always been about fear but the writer, with sheer quality, gives a reader a concise and valid meaning of what it means. Chisom does well to expose the complex as an entity or a parasitic leach silently killing youths of today.

You wouldn’t have to delve too deep into the book before the cleverness of the writer begins to popup right in your face and then you’re lost in the book. I highly respect the ability of the writer to be able to link current realities with the ‘unseen factor’ called “Inferiority Complex” thereby opening my eyes to the fact that this Unseen factor has been overlooked and underestimated because it has caused most failures we see today. With abundant guild lines and instructions specified by the writer, be sure to experience the thorough liberating power of the book.

I also want to praise the capability of the author to focus on the theme whilst blending in a part that has to do with self-discovery or self-development; thus, the “kill 2 birds with a stone” quote is made manifest.

Little me Big Them is highly relatable because as humans, we face one or two challenges  at some point in our lives but for those still stationary at a point where there’s a level of complacency thereby leading to mediocrity, this book would certainly do good to such a person’s mindset and by the time you’re done reading, it would leave you a better person.

Little me Big Them is highly recommended!!!

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