I consumed this book almost in one sitting – I found it very well documented, and easy to read and understand. The book contains all important directives and guidance that would lead a young minister in having a successful walk with God.

Precious kicked off the book by giving her point of view as to who ministers are and what being called into a ministry entails; this basically set the tone for what the book is all about and I found that really helpful.

Hidden treasures were discovered as I flipped through the pages of this book, however, a particular chapter grabbed my attention, pierced my heart and blessed me richly. She titled it “The Young Minister’s tendency to show-off”. In this chapter, Precious makes it clear enough to the young minister that attention-seeking and pride are the major reasons for some setbacks in their walk with God. Some perfect remedies to counter this plea for “Attention” in these times are at the beginning of Precious’ powerful book.

By means of accurate adroitness and applied wisdom, the writer shares eye-opening realities that touch one’s heart and points a reader/young minister to some definite errors they might have disregarded or lived with for so long that it has now advanced into a modus operandi; in other words, this book also indicts you of whatever you are guilty of.

The Backstage Process (just as the title suggests) takes you on a journey of what will be the period when a minister’s characters are finally in tune with God’s characters and precepts. Precious Amosun also did well to share some of her really interesting experiences and her lessons from her backstage process; however, these experiences are not relatable until you experience yours.

This book for me is a very special book because, although it is definitely a word for ministers, it is also personal to each reader. The book targets not only young ministers (even though it has “for young ministers” in the title) but also serves as a wake-up call to older ministers who need to find their way back to their Maker if only they will humble themselves.

As I earlier stated when I began this review, I consumed the book almost in one go and I must say, ‘The Backstage Process’ is very engaging. This book has enriched my understanding in the areas discussed therein, and I would recommend it to anyone willing to experience his/her own backstage process or any minister who is willing to take his/her relationship with God to another level of intimacy and self-development.

If all the instructions in this book are adroitly applied, I can guarantee that you will experience absolute success and watch your life blaze past every limitation.

The backstage process is a must-read!

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  1. This is one good review Dami. I am really impressed.

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