Some believe properly balanced diet keeps you going while others believe when you eat well you live well. Whatever you believe, it has been sufficiently established that eating fit could be learned and mastered, and we could all improve our health and also take note of our eating habits.

In Eat Fit: A nutritional blueprint for healthy living, Toluse Francis has written a short book with a big aim. With simplicity and clarity, the book presents nutritional facts and balanced diets that anyone could work and stick with as the body gets old. It is an effective manual for everyone who is interested in what they take in, anyone curious about how the body reacts to the food they eat. The book is a useful guide for those willing to control their feeding habits, as it explains that “As you age, your food needs changes”.

The book also provides readers with an insight into the reason why it is almost inevitable that as you age, you are at risk of getting a stroke or a heart disease, (the food we take in play a major role) which can all be avoided when we Eat Fit (Some remedies listed and explained in detail in the book)

I totally agree with the theme of this book and all the facts mentioned in this book. There are parts that will come as a shocker to the readers, I was surprised to read that “Cholesterol isn’t all bad”, I didn’t know that before I read this book (And many other facts). Toluse Francis delivered with much accuracy, causing you to resonate with the book at any stage of life (old or young) you might be. This book is definitely a must read for all, it suddenly triggers an awareness in your mind towards your body system, health-wise. For example, Olive Oil, Avocado, and Walnut protect from heart diseases, did you know that? I bet you didn’t!

Some other things available in this book include food that affects your productivity at work, healthy tips about the amount of protein a pregnant woman or a regularly exercising individual should take in and so many other helpful and amazing facts.

Whatever age/state you are right now, young, old, pregnant, skinny or plump, this book is your companion for a healthy and effective living that achieves great results.

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