This is the first read for me from Edirin Edewor and she certainly has made an indelible impression.

“You and your Mindset” is short and concise. In this book, Author, Edirin Edewor presents a clear, attractive and enriching study of the human mindset. The Author concisely gives an outline of the 2 types of mindsets (discussed in detail within the book) revealing an in-depth study of what it is like to have a mindset.

After reading this book, I was overwhelmed with a whole lot of thoughts. To be honest I thought the only types of mindsets were Positive and Negative. “You and your mindset made me realize I was wrong, it’s a book of great significance and value. This in-depth study and comparison will cause you to truly appreciate and evaluate the concept of mindsets and will also inform you which category you fall into.

I really like the ability of the author to direct her message to the existing and the upcoming generations with messages and warnings aimed at them. Even more impressive, is the adept ability of the author to pass across her message in just a few words (you’ll be amazed).

This book is vividly enlightening. Not only does it lay out the matches between your habit and the mindset in such an undeniable way, the significant quotes from anonymous people highlight the fact that we are what we think. The author leaves you in awe as you come to the realization of why you act the way you do (your response to any situation). The facts within the book are indisputably established and built upon human behavior, I have never read a book that splits open the truth of the reality of the mindset the way the author has done hers.

“You and your mindset” is highly recommended, it is filled with useful information and life-changing ideas.

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