A Tale of Two by Osita Uche is a tragic story that encompasses romance, belief, fate, and heartbreak.

First of all, I’d like to say kudos to the writer’s dexterity, the vocabulary and the fascinating figures of speech he used in this book. I must say this is pure art.

This short, emotionally taut novel by veteran Osita Uche is narrated by Fummi and Ade, whose marriage in one word is described as “Fate”. I couldn’t guess the end of their story from the very beginning: Fummi grows increasingly captivated with a man she met at the wedding ceremony of her friend, they got married and did all the fun things any lady would wish for, fun things that made her forget her past (deceased parents), so it seemed like she’d found her savior. Until things began to fall apart.

I was really intrigued by the sudden change of a picture-perfect relationship already painted in my head.

Fummi began to see visions in form of dreams but she couldn’t stop any of them from coming to pass. At the expense of the togetherness of her family, she began to live life like she has everything to lose just like the writer described it as “she became a ghost of Fummi”

This book started out a bit slow but soon picked up the pace, and I got pretty invested in it. As with most books, there were communication issues between the two main characters that made you want to grab each of them and tell them what was going on and to talk to each other instead of assuming the worse, but of course, it all worked itself out. I’m looking forward to reading more of the author’s books.

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