Dr. Felix Duyilemi is an inspirational writer and speaker with international acclaim. His knack for creating easily comprehensible paradigms from complex subjects has endeared him to a broad spectrum of readers who are eager to tap from his wealth of knowledge.

In addition to being a regular speaker and facilitator at corporate training sessions, schools, churches, coaching programs and personal development seminars, he hosts a daily radio program, Life without Limits on Impact 92.5FM. With over a decade of speaking and writing under his belt, his body of work includes transformational books like It’s In You, Pick up Your Broken Dreams, Wake Up Your Destiny among others.

Dr. Duyilemi is not without a story. Few years ago, if anybody had told him that one day he would become the man of influence that he is today, he would have hardly believed it. He has had his own share of challenges and life was indeed tough growing up. There were times he couldn’t see how things would ever turn around. However, today, his life has taken a new turn! Things have changed quite remarkably. He lives his life now as an exclamation not as an explanation! He has got hold of some fundamental principles that have changed his life.

With degrees in Education, Science, Psychology and Theology this author’s secret sauce is perhaps his vast and versatile erudition which has equipped him with an unusual ability to weave entirely new fabrics of thought from divergent strands of knowledge. He can switch from Sociology to Quantum Physics to help his audience develop empowering thought patterns and understand concepts that might have been otherwise difficult to access.

It is therefore not surprising to see the amazing testimonials that his work has attracted from readers and listeners across the globe:

I am always so encouraged and inspired by your writing. You do amazing work. We need more people like you. – Zasha Hall, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Your book, It’s In You, had me thinking – thanks for the book. I was meant to read it. – Marcelle Lofton, Philadelphia, USA

I am so blessed to have met you. Your book is truly a blessing. – Tracy Edmond, Chester, Virginia.

You are a great inspiration like Les Brown. -Emy Palencia, Japan

You are my true inspiration. -Ledi Nkhatho, South Africa.

I like your words, they are so inspiring. –Sharon Babcock, Rolla, Missouri.

Thank you for your uplifting messages. I need the supportive assistance of people like you. Kaye Fleming, Naples, Florida.

You are a great inspiration to our world. – Patricia Ann Breeding, Texas, USA.

I have learnt a lot from you that you have no idea of. I hope to visit Nigeria to sit under your feet to listen live! -Daniel Boardi Ameyer, Ghana.

You are a very strong instructor. –Vincentas Tiesiog, Lithuania.

You help people better their lives. I am glad, really really glad that I met a friend like you. – Vicky Aquino Cabacungan, Philippines.

I encourage all to tap into the wisdom of Duyilemi Akindele Felix –Professor Muyiwa Awe, Late Emeritus Professor of Physics, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria.

This book, Pick Up Your Broken Dreams, is highly inspirational. Readers will find courage and spiritual rejuvenation as they read the book. I strongly recommend this book to readers for inspirational edification. –Professor J.O Akinboye, First Professor of Creativity and Innovation in Nigeria

Dr Felix Duyilemi’s passion is to share the love of God with the world. He is driven by a vision to help people develop their highest level of leadership potential. He learns, writes and speaks full time. You can connect with him on his website or reach him via duyilemifelix[at]

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