Joseph Udofia has with his dissertation, Simulation of CO2 Injection in the Niger Delta, made a significant contribution to the arsenal of knowledge on combating climate change. The studious and intelligent graduate of Petroleum Engineering explores the possibility of trapping the gas (which is usually released into the atmosphere) and putting it to productive use in oil recovery.

Commenting on the hurdles he had to cross before graduating magna cum laude from the University of Ibadan in 2017, he says it was a pretty challenging experience, especially having to balance the rigours of research and academic work with overlapping commitments in the spiritual and social spheres of life.

He however expressed gratitude for the opportunity that Nigeria’s premier university afforded him to interact with bright minds in an environment that is conducive to learning.

Joseph has more than a thesis and a certificate to show for his hard work. He has received a number of awards and recognitions including the NOA Merit Award and Afren Energy Safety Man of the Year. He is also COBIT 5 and OHSAS 18001 certified.

With a decent job in the IT department of a financial institution, the young petroleum engineer is a classic illustration of how one’s academic discipline should not necessarily limit one’s career options.

Joseph enjoys writing in his spare time and he is the co-founder of Building Nations Initiative, an NGO committed to strengthening young people and communities in Nigeria.






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