Picture an industrious entrepreneur with a relentless commitment to enriching the world with her cerebral approach to simplifying complex processes and you have Edirin Edewor. A woman of keen intellect, Edirin graduated top in her class with a degree in agriculture after which she proceeded to obtain several professional qualifications including certifications in Health, Safety and Environment, Project Management, Business and Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management, Digital Marketing and an MBA from the Metropolitan School of Business and Management, UK.

Armed with her impressive portfolio Edirin knew she only had to send a few applications and prospective employers would start running after her.The assumption turned out to be painfully wrong! 502 applications later, she had not been invited to attend an interview – not even for the position of a sales girl.That’s when she veered off the employee path to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams. In five years, she started 11 businesses with capital ranging from just 60 naira with which she purchased red and blue pens to tutor Grade II and Grade IV pupils, to almost a million naira in starting up her jewellery business.

When nine of the 11 businesses failed – some of them very devastating – Edirin was undeterred. She had shed off the fixed mindset that causes people to give up and replaced it with a growth mindset that recognises “failures” as learning processes. She believes that every failed attempt is a learning opportunity, a chance to begin again, more intelligently. These experiences turned out to be the threads with which she would weave the tapestry of her new career.

As an author and mindset coach, Edirin helps millennials overcome limiting beliefs while supporting them to fulfil their highest potentials. One of the ways she achieves this is by packaging her knowledge and experience into books and practical guides. In November 2016, her 21-step guide, The Productivity Checklist, became an Amazon bestseller in the home business category. Seven months later she repeated the feat with You and Your Mindset, a book that answers mindset questions for millennials and helps them make sense of the number one factor that determines success in today’s world.

Earlier, her Jewellery and Interior Design Business had become so successful that she began shipping her jewellery pieces internationally and her Interior Design company won the Global Best Quality Excellence Award in October 2016. Paradoxically, that was around the same time she decided to quit both businesses and focus on her life’s purpose – inspiring people to follow their dreams and be more than they ever thought they could be.

The results of this decision can be seen in commendations and glowing testimonials from people who have been impacted by her commitment to breaking down complex processes and making difficult things easy. Sewhat some of them have to say about her latest book, The A-Z of ebook Publishing:

“I have not only been able to write and publish my book, I also got the book printed at no cost and shipped to me, thanks to EdirinEdewor’s easy-to-follow guide called The A – Z of eBook Publishing.
– SuhaibArogundade

“Everyone who is an author or who wants to become an author has to read Edirin’s book”
– RemiOwadokun

“Edirin’s easy-to-follow ‘how to’ masterpiece is the go-to book that any established or emerging author should follow to get their hopefully really good book to the bestsellers list.”
– Steve Harris

You can connect with Edirin on Twitter via @edirinedewor and read her books on Vibe.


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