Have you started writing a book and you are having writer’s block? Do you have a book and publishers turned you down? Do you think that you can never be an author? Has money been the challenge of getting the book out? Do you think you don’t have time to write that book? If your answer to any of these questions is “Yes” then you should read The A-Z of Ebook Publishing.

In this easy-to-read book, Edirin Edewor attempts to reprogramme the reader’s mind against the myths and limiting beliefs that have held aspiring authors from publishing – . beliefs like: writing is not for everyone, you have to be an authority to write a book, I don’t like writing so I cannot write a book, no one will buy my book, I need to write more books in order to sell. 

I must say that she succeeded. Most writers can relate to these myths and how they have held them captive.

This book contains vital truths that many [intending] authors need to lay hold of. It proffers solution to writer’s block with a potent style that the author has used and still uses –  the mind map-outline-write style. This style helps the intending author to ‘brain dump’ all the ideas that he/she has about the book to the point of getting the well-written book out.

With clear illustrations and a step-by-step approach, the book shows how one can become a self published author. The author also shares how she became an Amazon bestseller, pointing out that it’s a feat that can be achieved by anyone who desires it.

If you are tired of waiting, procrastinating and giving yourself excuses or even ‘obvious reasons’ for putting your publishing dream on hold, if you want to get rid of the mindset blocks that are stopping you from writing your book, then The A-Z of Ebook Publishing is the book to go for.

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